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De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies - The History & Legacy  
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Strong on Tradition and Family

Our Trenton New Jersey landmark is now in the history books and memories of our faithful customers. We had celebrated 66 years in Trenton's Chambersburg before closing the doors on our Hudson Street location in early 2012. We're happy to continue the tradition at our unique Robbinsville location just a few miles west of Trenton where it all began.

Our Chambersburg Beginning

Alexander "Chick" De Lorenzo was born one of twelve children to Pasquale and Maria De Lorenzo who immigrated from Southern Italy in the early 1900s. In 1936 the De Lorenzo family opened one of the first Tomato Pie restaurants in the Chambersburg section of Trenton. In 1947 Chick had decided it was time for a place of his own and he established Delorenzo's Tomato Pies at 530 Hudson Street. Chick and his wife Sophie worked side-by-side for nearly 40 years. Together they laid the ground work for what helped this "mom and pop" restaurant into a long standing successful business. Chick claimed his recipe for success was using the finest quality ingredients, laboring over the final product and serving customers with a warm and friendly smile.

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Chick and Sophie De Lorenzo  
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Pictured above are Chick and Sophie De Lorenzo circa 1950.  
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This video is about the closing of our Hudson Street location.  
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Years of Success in Trenton

That same approach continued when Gary and Eileen Amico (Chick's Daughter) and Sam Amico (Chick's Grandson), the second and third generation, took the helm from Chick and Sophie. They continued to work side-by-side in the same fashion as Eileen's parents, providing their customers with award winning excellence in thin crust pizza. Even after Chick and Sophie had retired you'd always find them at the restaurant chatting with family, friends and customers alike.

Our Legacy Lives on in Robbinsville

Sam opened the Robbinsville location in late 2007. This new location operated simultaneously with the Hudson street location until early 2012 when Gary and Eileen decided to retire and close the doors for good. Unlike Hudson Street, the Robbinsville location offered 2 things that to most would seem normal but to Hudson Street patrons seemed anything but. The new location has restrooms and serves salads! For those of you new to De Lorenzo's, the Hudson Street location did not have a public restroom. It had been around so long it preceded restroom requirements. Today there's not quite the same concern about how many birch beers one might have.